Characteristics and Personality of Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo Traits


The planetary house of Leo could be a natural leader of the Zodiac. The natives ar daring, intelligent, warm, and stalwart. Leo is associate degree adventurer, seeking to balance associate degree intense lifetime of social obligations and travel with lots of period to relax and luxuriate.

There is tons additional to the Leo temperament that isn’t continuously apparent till you actually get to understand them. thus to allow you some insight into what it very suggests that to turn underneath the Leo sign we’ll be revealing positive and negative Leo traits and characteristics.


Let’s examine a number of the positive and negative traits of Leo:


Positive Traits: Caring and lives an honest life, optimistic, natural leader, kind and protecting, loyal, honest, spirited and a spotlight seeking

Negative Traits: conceitedness, inflexibility, laziness, dogmatic and prideful, domineering , jealous and competitive

Leo Positive Traits


Caring and lives an honest life


You have a giant circle of friends and acquaintances. you may care and nurture all of them and ar terribly generous with them. At your best, you’re stalwart and robust. you’ve got a tremendous, protecting perspective towards your friends. You care terribly deeply for those getting ready to you. you are doing everything grand and provides your best in it. You fight against all the obstacles so as to possess everything that you simply need. you’re keen on to measure your life in your method and on your own terms and conditions. You don’t adore it once somebody enforces rules or abide you with orders and bounds.




Leo is associate degree person UN agency is in a position to check the solace to life. you usually see the positive facet of any state of affairs you face. you favor to enjoy the nice than dwell over the unhealthy.


Natural leader and widespread


You are a natural leader and continuously urge to air the highest and within the spotlight. You will’t think about anyone UN agency can higher lead than you. you’re born with royal aura and generosity that typically ushers others to follow you. you’re keen on high status and continuously need to be a superhero or queen for everybody. you’re employed onerous to be center staged in social gatherings. Your natural confidence, crowd-pleasing intuition, and need for attention cause you to widespread.

Kind and protecting


You feel accountable and ar continuously willing to assist out shut and beloved ones in would like. you may move to nice lengths to form positive that your beloved and shut ones ar happy. you may get on my feet for the loser whenever. As a Leo, you’re seemingly to possess a compassionate heart, and you tend to be very kind and generous creatures.




If there’s one attribute imbibed in you, it’s your loyalty. you’re terribly loyal to your friends, acquaintances, and shut ones.




Leo people ar terribly honest. You tend to be very direct and simple with individuals. You provide honest feedback to individuals once they arouse it. you do not believe false modesty. you’re simple and can ne’er speak prevarication simply to impress others. Your honesty usually comes off as excessive bluntness.


Vivacious and a spotlight seeking


Leo natives ar born with a aptitude for drama and ornateness. you’re keen on to be center stage and be within the spotlight or relish high status all the time. In each assemblage and party, you’re an excellent person. You command the audience and receive a credit for all inspiring  speeches and jokes. you’re associate degree account and love a narration. Hence, you’re ne’er uninteresting and might positively work well within the presence of the many individuals. You ne’er prefer to share a stage with others.


Leo Negative Traits




At times, your dominance and confidence may be seen additional like conceitedness and self-esteem. Leo people ooze confidently. you think that that if you’ve got received a conclusion initially, then you’re right. Your confidence to guide individuals will become conceitedness every now and then. you will get egoistic and thinks you’re the most effective in everything. you’re keen on to allow recommendation however don’t settle for one with associate degree open heart.




You are not solely inflexible for others however additionally inflexible for yourselves. once you have committed to one thing, you tend to stay thereto. notwithstanding what quantity you hate it.




Though you’re packed with ambition and enthusiasm, you may admit to being lazy. you may take the straightforward reply for given opportunities and things. you may be particularly lazy once matters offers very little fun or glory to you.


Dogmatic and Prideful


Leos ar born with all of the pride and glory of the maned creature. you’ll be able to hold onto a wrong plan or belief out of stubborn pride. you discover issue in self-reflection and can ne’er admit to your mistakes. you discover it onerous to simply accept different suggestions even though they’re right.




Leos have a tough time learning once to prevent ruling and begin listening. For this reason, you’re very domineering  and have a tendency to overpower those around you. you may continuously demand respect and expect everybody around you to behave servilely. you’ll be able to interfere in different matters, throw orders, bully, and expect them to follow with none arguments. once you aren’t ready to management others then you get pissed off and throw fiery temper tantrums.


Jealous and Competitive


You always need to be the most effective, the brightest, and most stunning within the world. you just hate it once somebody outshines you in any method. At that point, you tend to be jealous and competitive. you will not hesitate to use lies, and trickery to discredit your opponents and rivals.


Analyzing the positions of planets at the instant of your birth can provide you with wonderful insight into your zodiac sign temperament traits and can reveal the that means behind your sign. Get your Free customized Janampatri and find deepest insights in your zodiac sign.


Characteristics and Personality of Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Every Zodiac sign has unique traits which often tell the personality of a bearer. It can determine one’s lifestyle & much more. Today we are talking about Aquarius, well known as the god of water. Aquarius have fascinating traits, which you’ll learn gradually in this blog.

Personality Traits:

Aquarius, the 11th Zodiac Sign, is symbolised as Water-bearer and is known for creativity and individuality. One of the eminent personality traits of Aquarians is optimism and self-reliance. Air is an elemental sign of Aquarius, which makes them calm and sensitive. Their viewpoints are guided by empathy and a strong sense of fairness.

Planetary Position:

Aquarius has two planets as a co-ruler, Uranus & Saturn. Aquarians have a revolutionary vision and they urge change and envision new possibilities. They are mainly born between Jan 20 to Feb 18. These planets’ positions could positively beef up for Aquarius bearers.

These planets along with the Zodiac Sign can give a person rigid emotional strength, and perseverance for any work.

Career Perspective:

Progressiveness, Positivity & Intellectuality are the main Aquarius characteristics. Their mindset is preferably optimistic regarding all aspects. They are predicted to be humble in spirit, which makes them shine like a star in any field of their career growth. The most notable personality of Aquarians is their lofty vision for careers as well as the future of society. The best career for Aquarians is Entrepreneur, Social Worker, Artistic or Creative field and so on.

They are a risky businessman too. They have the guts to take risks in a business & never commit defeat so easily.

Love Life:

Aquarius is mostly compatible with LEO & SAGITTARIUS in terms of a relationship. One of the Aquarius personality traits is progress & humility. It is essential in a relationship to keep calm and listen to your partner properly & share mutual effort & understanding. As Aquarius is very positive, open-minded & calm when it comes to resolving an issue they could be a very successful zodiac sign.

Strength & Weakness:

Aquarius is One of the most conflicting & debatable Zodiac signs. They have numerous personalities which can differentiate them from other zodiac sign bearers. One of the strengths of Aquarius is calmness & self-determination. Observation skills, Cognitive study & desire for learning are Aquarius eminent personalities. Sometimes they can be stubborn & reluctant which tends to be the weakness of Aquarians.


Despite its volatile disposition in nature, Aquarians carry positive reinforcement. When it comes to working, Aquarians are all about exhibiting their innovative abilities. Genuineness and sovereignty are one-of-a-kind capabilities.





Why should we believe in astrology?

Astrology is an ancient and widely acknowledged “Science” which uses stars at different times of the year to foretell what is in store for the individual as well as determine the fate of a human being. It is believed that the positioning of stars and planets affects everyone’s mood, personality, and environment depending on what one was born.

Here are some reasons which make people believe in astrology:

Validation of a person’s self-concept:

The planetary positions at the time of birth lay one’s destiny path, where and when we meet challenges, joys and happiness. Our birth time is very important because actually, this is the starting time of one’s journey. Astrology encourages self-reflection and helps us to enrich our lives.

Astrology is Science:

Astrologers can answer various queries that pertain to the different aspects of someone’s life. Astrology is considered to be a science which attempts to give solutions to all the issues suffered by mankind. Astrology is considered a language which offers perspective, clarity, imagination and new insights into our movements, feelings and beliefs and allows one to optimize their output. Astrology assists in decision-making and guides the person in their relationships, career, finances, family and friends.

Solution Maker:

One can get the answer to their worries. Astrology guides a person on the right path in life. The objective of believing in Astrology is to evaluate a person’s character and aspects of their life. It can tell us about our real strengths and weakness. One has the chance to bring out hone and polish to be good to go.

Astrology is purely Mathematics:

Astrology is not superstition, it’s purely Mathematics. It is calculated with the help of mathematical formulas and brings results and solutions for a particular person.

Life Saver

It has an expansive four-dimensional perspective. Most importantly it is a lifesaver. At this point, it is better to say that Astrology takes three dimensions i.e. oneself, the world and spirituality along with God, the unseen which helps one to reduce troubles and ill-influences. It is a lifesaver too by simply following the advice, suggestions and precautions suggested by an Astrologer.


It’s progressive and insightful and tells us to move ahead with changing times. It has an inherent message that there are opportunities for to things change by life and planets. Astrology is all about oneself. Horoscope is like a blueprint of life which was created at the time of born.




How to choose a career according to astrology?

Being a student or a parent it is always a concern to choose the right career path, which could make a difference for others. One can get an idea of the best career options as per their Zodiac Sign. Astrology for career success can lead one to the top by considering the Zodiac Sign and we try to cover almost every aspect which could be effective to beef up your career.


Here are the important aspects which determine the native’s career :


Planetary Position:

Planets play a vital role in astrology, its position determines one’s virtue. There are specific planets and houses in a birth chart that indicate the best career.


Saturn the planet:

Saturn can be the single most influential planet in respect of career. Astrologically, It is positioning in some Houses of the horoscope may also indicate its auspicious placement and strength which can lead to an advantage for the native in many respects, including the person’s career prospects. 

Nowadays people are more aware of astrology & make it a part of life. People take decisions from it. They believe the science behind it, is good & gives them a positive atmosphere to go ahead in life, without hesitation.


Other Houses:

The other Houses like the 2nd,6th, and 11th influence the career to choose the right path in life. If the native does not pass through the Mahadasha of planets which is well connected to these houses, he will struggle to get success in that period.

Houses of Horoscope:

When we speak of a job or career, the horoscopic Houses hold equal significance as that of the planet. There are 12 Houses in a horoscope which denote the 12 signs of the zodiac.

As per Vedic astrology, the 10th House is known as the Karma Sthana which indicates a person’s employment, profession, career, and position in the job. 

The main House that can throw an impact on a person’s career path and prospects is the 10th House. The zodiac sign of the 10th House will also remain important that may decide about a person’s career graph.


Zodiac Sign:

The Zodiac sign indicates and influences a person’s career and guides them to choose the right career. It is determined as per the Birth Chart. There are twelve sub-sections of the zodiac wheel, and each section signifies a ‘House’ of the zodiac place.

If a person is eager to get into a particular profession one must consult a professional Astrologer for guidance and remedies. Everyone wants a successful career but this can only happen if the native will choose the same opportunity that is suitable for him/her career according to astrology.


Here is the enlistment of career according to Zodiac sign as per the moon sign in the 10th house:



Mechanical engineering, civil engineering, real estate business, construction business, marketing and sales, business administration, businesses of hotels and restaurants, armed forces or defence forces, police etc. is suitable fields for those who belong to the Zodiac sign of Aries.




The Zodiac sign of Taurus can focus on studies related to fields such as arts, media, fashion and so on.



Any profession related to commission or consultancy would be suitable for the Zodiac sign of Gemini.



Business oriented field would be beneficial for those who belong to the Zodiac sign of cancer.



Leo possesses the authority and leadership qualities which lead them to a career in the authority department or administrative jobs.



The natives of the Virgo zodiac sign must go for accountancy or office-related work.



Librans would be interested in creative fields. As they have a keen eye for creative media, an architect, designers, animation fields and so on seem to be suitable for them.



The Zodiac sign of Scorpio should go for pharmacy related job.



The teaching profession is suitable for the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius.



Government Jobs, Agriculture fields, and medical fields can bring prosperity for Capricorn.



Philosophers and education-related fields would be suitable for Aquarius.



Pisces will do well in media, fashion, and administration. They can have an interest in Sports too.


Astrology is a very reliable knowledge & could give you or warn you from the future doings. Choosing the right profession is very important but one can not give the best if they are not passionate about it. Astrology gives in-depth knowledge about career success which leads a person on the right path in life.