Dr. Anjan Shastri is the best astrologer in Bankura. The reputed and famous astrologer in Bankura provides various services. In Astrology science, what you do today is connected with your tomorrow, it means your present is connected with your past. Thus it connects with your future also. Some important solutions for all the life problems according to astrology include yantra, mantra, gemstones, etc. Astrology helps you to reduce the effect of planetary impact or disturbance. There are many astrologers but one can get the best online astrology consultation in Bankura from Dr. Anjan Shastri.

Our Services

We provide services like Marriage match-making, Vastu shastra, child education, and many more.

Marriage Match Making:

Facing horoscope problems? We are here to solve your match-making.

Career Problems:

Does your career growth stick at a point? Consult Dr. Anjan Shastri for prospering your career growth and
getting a good job.

Education Problem:

Facing difficulties in studies? You can get success in the study by consulting with Dr. Anjan Shastri.

Health problems:

Are you suffering for a long time? Consult with us.

Relationship problem:

Problem in love relations or your facing issues with housemates? Visit us.

Benefits of Choosing Dr. Anjan Shastri

To consult the best Astrologer in Bankura you have to come here.

  1. You will get a perfect solution to have a great life ahead.
  2. We will help you out with your improvement in life based on Indian Vedas.
  3. Get precious advice from Award winning astrologer
  4. Instant and assured solution
  5. Affordable Consultation charges
  6. Get a solution in your local area
  7. Trusted by many

For any kind of misleading solution, we will not consult with you.


Bankura: (Hotel saptashri-Lal Bazar) -Every Month Second & Fourth Friday

For online consultation he is available.
Our contact details: +91 7477886099
Email Address: astro@anjanshastri.com

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