Dr. Anjan shastri is the best astrologer in Arambagh. If you want to contact the famous astrologer in Arambagh you have to come in the chambers of Dr. Anjan Shastri. Dr. Anjan Shastri, a gold medalist has too much knowledge in astrology. For any kind of problems in life and if you want to overcome these problems, then contact Dr. Anjan Shastri.

He is the best astrologer in Arambagh, West Bengal and you get instant proof after an online consultation with him.

Our Services

Our services like Marriage Numerology, Palmistry, Vastu shastra, Kusti bichar, and many more.


Through analyzing a variety of numbers, Dr. Anjan Shastri predicts you about your life, career, education, marriage, and many more.


Are you curious about your lines in hand? Get prediction from here about your lines in hand says.

Vastu shastra

Does anything goes wrong and you feel something in your home? Consult Dr. Anjan Shastri from these difficulties and stay a happy life.

Benefits of choosing Dr. Anjan Shastri

To consult the best Astrologer in Arambagh you have to come here.

  1. Get a perfect solution in your life ahead.
  2. Helps you to improve life based on Indian Vedas.
  3. Get precious advice from Award-winning astrologer
  4. Instant solution with results
  5. Affordable Consultation charges
  6. Get a solution in your local area
  7. Trusted by many


Hospital more,Barik Market,Besides ICICI Bank

For online consultation he is available.

Our contact details: +91 7477886099

Email Address: astro@anjanshastri.com

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