Leo Traits


The planetary house of Leo could be a natural leader of the Zodiac. The natives ar daring, intelligent, warm, and stalwart. Leo is associate degree adventurer, seeking to balance associate degree intense lifetime of social obligations and travel with lots of period to relax and luxuriate.

There is tons additional to the Leo temperament that isn’t continuously apparent till you actually get to understand them. thus to allow you some insight into what it very suggests that to turn underneath the Leo sign we’ll be revealing positive and negative Leo traits and characteristics.


Let’s examine a number of the positive and negative traits of Leo:


Positive Traits: Caring and lives an honest life, optimistic, natural leader, kind and protecting, loyal, honest, spirited and a spotlight seeking

Negative Traits: conceitedness, inflexibility, laziness, dogmatic and prideful, domineering , jealous and competitive

Leo Positive Traits


Caring and lives an honest life


You have a giant circle of friends and acquaintances. you may care and nurture all of them and ar terribly generous with them. At your best, you’re stalwart and robust. you’ve got a tremendous, protecting perspective towards your friends. You care terribly deeply for those getting ready to you. you are doing everything grand and provides your best in it. You fight against all the obstacles so as to possess everything that you simply need. you’re keen on to measure your life in your method and on your own terms and conditions. You don’t adore it once somebody enforces rules or abide you with orders and bounds.




Leo is associate degree person UN agency is in a position to check the solace to life. you usually see the positive facet of any state of affairs you face. you favor to enjoy the nice than dwell over the unhealthy.


Natural leader and widespread


You are a natural leader and continuously urge to air the highest and within the spotlight. You will’t think about anyone UN agency can higher lead than you. you’re born with royal aura and generosity that typically ushers others to follow you. you’re keen on high status and continuously need to be a superhero or queen for everybody. you’re employed onerous to be center staged in social gatherings. Your natural confidence, crowd-pleasing intuition, and need for attention cause you to widespread.

Kind and protecting


You feel accountable and ar continuously willing to assist out shut and beloved ones in would like. you may move to nice lengths to form positive that your beloved and shut ones ar happy. you may get on my feet for the loser whenever. As a Leo, you’re seemingly to possess a compassionate heart, and you tend to be very kind and generous creatures.




If there’s one attribute imbibed in you, it’s your loyalty. you’re terribly loyal to your friends, acquaintances, and shut ones.




Leo people ar terribly honest. You tend to be very direct and simple with individuals. You provide honest feedback to individuals once they arouse it. you do not believe false modesty. you’re simple and can ne’er speak prevarication simply to impress others. Your honesty usually comes off as excessive bluntness.


Vivacious and a spotlight seeking


Leo natives ar born with a aptitude for drama and ornateness. you’re keen on to be center stage and be within the spotlight or relish high status all the time. In each assemblage and party, you’re an excellent person. You command the audience and receive a credit for all inspiring  speeches and jokes. you’re associate degree account and love a narration. Hence, you’re ne’er uninteresting and might positively work well within the presence of the many individuals. You ne’er prefer to share a stage with others.


Leo Negative Traits




At times, your dominance and confidence may be seen additional like conceitedness and self-esteem. Leo people ooze confidently. you think that that if you’ve got received a conclusion initially, then you’re right. Your confidence to guide individuals will become conceitedness every now and then. you will get egoistic and thinks you’re the most effective in everything. you’re keen on to allow recommendation however don’t settle for one with associate degree open heart.




You are not solely inflexible for others however additionally inflexible for yourselves. once you have committed to one thing, you tend to stay thereto. notwithstanding what quantity you hate it.




Though you’re packed with ambition and enthusiasm, you may admit to being lazy. you may take the straightforward reply for given opportunities and things. you may be particularly lazy once matters offers very little fun or glory to you.


Dogmatic and Prideful


Leos ar born with all of the pride and glory of the maned creature. you’ll be able to hold onto a wrong plan or belief out of stubborn pride. you discover issue in self-reflection and can ne’er admit to your mistakes. you discover it onerous to simply accept different suggestions even though they’re right.




Leos have a tough time learning once to prevent ruling and begin listening. For this reason, you’re very domineering  and have a tendency to overpower those around you. you may continuously demand respect and expect everybody around you to behave servilely. you’ll be able to interfere in different matters, throw orders, bully, and expect them to follow with none arguments. once you aren’t ready to management others then you get pissed off and throw fiery temper tantrums.


Jealous and Competitive


You always need to be the most effective, the brightest, and most stunning within the world. you just hate it once somebody outshines you in any method. At that point, you tend to be jealous and competitive. you will not hesitate to use lies, and trickery to discredit your opponents and rivals.


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