Being a student or a parent it is always a concern to choose the right career path, which could make a difference for others. One can get an idea of the best career options as per their Zodiac Sign. Astrology for career success can lead one to the top by considering the Zodiac Sign and we try to cover almost every aspect which could be effective to beef up your career.


Here are the important aspects which determine the native’s career :


Planetary Position:

Planets play a vital role in astrology, its position determines one’s virtue. There are specific planets and houses in a birth chart that indicate the best career.


Saturn the planet:

Saturn can be the single most influential planet in respect of career. Astrologically, It is positioning in some Houses of the horoscope may also indicate its auspicious placement and strength which can lead to an advantage for the native in many respects, including the person’s career prospects. 

Nowadays people are more aware of astrology & make it a part of life. People take decisions from it. They believe the science behind it, is good & gives them a positive atmosphere to go ahead in life, without hesitation.


Other Houses:

The other Houses like the 2nd,6th, and 11th influence the career to choose the right path in life. If the native does not pass through the Mahadasha of planets which is well connected to these houses, he will struggle to get success in that period.

Houses of Horoscope:

When we speak of a job or career, the horoscopic Houses hold equal significance as that of the planet. There are 12 Houses in a horoscope which denote the 12 signs of the zodiac.

As per Vedic astrology, the 10th House is known as the Karma Sthana which indicates a person’s employment, profession, career, and position in the job. 

The main House that can throw an impact on a person’s career path and prospects is the 10th House. The zodiac sign of the 10th House will also remain important that may decide about a person’s career graph.


Zodiac Sign:

The Zodiac sign indicates and influences a person’s career and guides them to choose the right career. It is determined as per the Birth Chart. There are twelve sub-sections of the zodiac wheel, and each section signifies a ‘House’ of the zodiac place.

If a person is eager to get into a particular profession one must consult a professional Astrologer for guidance and remedies. Everyone wants a successful career but this can only happen if the native will choose the same opportunity that is suitable for him/her career according to astrology.


Here is the enlistment of career according to Zodiac sign as per the moon sign in the 10th house:



Mechanical engineering, civil engineering, real estate business, construction business, marketing and sales, business administration, businesses of hotels and restaurants, armed forces or defence forces, police etc. is suitable fields for those who belong to the Zodiac sign of Aries.




The Zodiac sign of Taurus can focus on studies related to fields such as arts, media, fashion and so on.



Any profession related to commission or consultancy would be suitable for the Zodiac sign of Gemini.



Business oriented field would be beneficial for those who belong to the Zodiac sign of cancer.



Leo possesses the authority and leadership qualities which lead them to a career in the authority department or administrative jobs.



The natives of the Virgo zodiac sign must go for accountancy or office-related work.



Librans would be interested in creative fields. As they have a keen eye for creative media, an architect, designers, animation fields and so on seem to be suitable for them.



The Zodiac sign of Scorpio should go for pharmacy related job.



The teaching profession is suitable for the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius.



Government Jobs, Agriculture fields, and medical fields can bring prosperity for Capricorn.



Philosophers and education-related fields would be suitable for Aquarius.



Pisces will do well in media, fashion, and administration. They can have an interest in Sports too.


Astrology is a very reliable knowledge & could give you or warn you from the future doings. Choosing the right profession is very important but one can not give the best if they are not passionate about it. Astrology gives in-depth knowledge about career success which leads a person on the right path in life.



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