Characteristics and Personality of Kanya Rashi

In the Hindu Zodiac, the 6th sign is KANYA(VIRGO). They are open to helping others. This sign is made up of the last three Charnas of Uttara Phalguni, hasta, and the first two Charnas of Chitra nakshatras.


They have a pale skin complexion, a high forehead, beautiful eyes, and a sensitive mouth. They are mostly Extroverts but still can make friends very easily.


They have a special ability to sense the prejudiced motives of people, they are observant, patient, sensible, studious, soft-spoken, and logical. They do not reveal their secrets. Travel is their favorite passion. They seldom lose their temper. Lottery, speculation is their taste.


Kanya individuals make an excellent Lover. They are loyal to their partners and Love to live on the wild side once in a while. They are very protective of their mate, family, and loved ones.


They are very health conscious seldom fall sick. They are victims of Stomach and Allergy of skin ailments.


Kanya rashi people are hard – working. They should choose professions that have growth. A profession in Maths, Physics, Finance, Engineering, Medical, Investment and Stock Market is a good career choice.


Kanya Rashi people believe in friends too much which ultimately leaves them in trouble. They thought that everybody views as same as their view. They are the perfectionist.


Characteristics and Personality of Singha Rashi

In the Hindu Zodiac, the fifth sign is Singha (LEO). Singha Rashi includes complete Magha, Poorva Phalguni, and the first Charan of Uttara Phalguna. They are a born leader with the power of attraction.


The most important feature about Singha Rashi Rashi people are they are self-conscience. They desired to dominate others and have egoistic nature. They are very powerful with broad chests.


They help others at their maximum. They usually spend more but dislike taking debts, but can balance finally.

Simha Rashi people are born leaders and like to be associated with people of great social standing.

They are very adventurous.


Like a Lover, Leos are an extremely passionate person. They have small families.

Singha Rashi is very loyal as a friend. They make their ideal companions.


These Rashi people face many problems with their health. The combined impact of Jupiter and Saturn creates various problems for individuals. They have problems like diabetes and rheumatism.


The Singha always works as a manager of a firm, leader of society/groupings, leader of employees’ union, and any type of job that controls large workforces. They can have their career at government jobs and medicinal jobs.


Should take other’s views, ideas, and suggestions before deciding on any issue.

Singha Rashi’s people are ambitious, autocratic, independent, strong-willed, suspicious, violent, ill-tempered, and jealous. They are strong and rough towards their subordinates, which should be avoided.


Characteristics and Personality of Tula Rashi

In the Hindu Zodiac Sign, the 7th is Tula Rashi ( Libra) which represents balance. As the symbol represents the Tula born has two sides to his personality.


Tula Rashi’s people have long-neck, sensitive, V-shaped chins, chubby cheeks, and dimples. They are cool and calm, and they have lots of charm and compassion.


They are sensitive, curious, charming, and easily mixing with people around are their qualities. As they are very balanced, therefore are much sought after for practical solutions. They are very helpful to others but sometimes they are extremely insensitive to the pains of others.


They give importance to find the correct partner, they accept in exchange for responsibilities from the partner. They try their best to keep their partner satisfied through conversation and lovemaking.


Tula Rashi’s people rarely have health issues, as they do regular exercising. They easily get frustrated which causes health problems. To guard their health should have a balanced diet and drink lots of water.


All kinds of work that increase intellect appeal will definitely love to choose that kind of career. These Rashi people are well suited as judges, public relations consultants, diplomats, psychologists, and artists.


As the symbol of Tula Rashi shows the balance scale, these Rashi people usually struggle to make decisions as they are prone to change at the last minute. As these Rashi people like to make friends, to keep everyone happy it will be difficult for them to say no, as a result, they end up stressing themselves.


Sign of Vrishchika Rashi

The 8th sign in the Hindu zodiac is Vrishchika Rashi (Scorpio). Vrishchika Rashi’s people are strong, commanding, passionate, and zealous.


Vrishchika Rashi people are generally muscular, have sharp facial features with a robust voice that attracts others


These Rashi people are introverts, but as they grow their nature keeps changing. So, it will be difficult to judge them which land the others in a big problem. We need to handle them with patience until they get a chance to pack back. They are secretive by nature.


These Rashi people are the most passionate laver when compared to all the other rashis. Though forming a relationship is a tedious task, but once they are in relation they are committed very loyally until the end. These Rashi people will be totally faithful and expect the same from their friends.


This Rashi person can quickly recover when comes to a health issue. These Rashi people tend to take risks because of which they met with accidents, they are also prone to psychosomatic disorders.


These Rashi people are self-motivated and know what they need. As they have a desire to find answers, these Rashi people are detectives in nature. Often people trust them because of their commendable voice and most valuable possessions.


Because of their suspicious nature, they don’t believe people so easily which they may lose good persons. They are stubborn, controlling, and sometimes self-destructive. They can be obsessive and compulsive.



In astrology, a perfect couple in the whole world is called Rajjotok. According to astrologers, couples are called perfect when the gunas or characteristics of a Kundli are matched.

If the results after Kundli matching shows not suited then it is difficult to get married and live a happy life.


In Kundli, there are 36 characteristics or gunas. If in Kundli all the 36 characteristics of a couple are matched then it is considered to be the perfect couple or Rajjotak. They are happy in their marriage life.

It is not necessary that 36 gunas is matched but it is said that at least if 18 gunas will match it is favorable for marriage. But it is very rare of matching gunas 36 out of 36 then it is said Rajjotak.

The gunas in the Kundli in a person shows the different expanse of life like work, health, love, thought process, destiny, dominance, etc. Hence, it basically matches the different areas of one person’s life with another person.

It is said that if a person marries less than 18 matching gunas then both person faces lots of issues and challenges in their married life and it is very difficult. They suffer from problems like financial issues, inability to have a child, mental issues, etc.

There are Ashtakootas Milan in Kundli matching which refers to different aspects of the bride’s and groom’s life. They are:

1.            Varna Koota- Marks allotted 1

2.            Vashya Koota- Marks allotted 2

3.            Tara Koota- Marks allotted 3

4.            Yoni Koota- Marks allotted 4

5.            Graha Maitri Koota- Marks allotted 5

6.            Gana Koota- Marks allotted 6

7.            Rashi Koota- Marks allotted 7

8.            Nadi Koota- Marks allotted 8


What Is Numerology?

Numerology is one of the aspects of Astrology that deals with the study of numbers. It helps you to find the disguised meaning of the world. It can guide you the probability of becoming something, your strengths, and your weaknesses. Attitude number, life path, and birth number are extracted from your birthdate, and Soul’s urge number, power number, and personality number are extracted from the letters of your name. Each and every one has its own significant meaning and place. The most prominent one can be said as your life path number. Anjan Shastri is the best astrologer and famous astrologer for numerology.

From one to nine each of the numbers has a spiritual meaning, which can be applied to individuals in different ways.

If you want to get a deeper pitch that how numerology can be applied to you, specifically, you’ll have to calculate your Life Path number. In that, a single-digit number will be derived from your birthdate.  Your Life Path number is nothing but similar to your astrological sign. When you were born it can provide some perception into what sort of thinker you are, and what is your role in your family and friend group.

Also, we’ve depicted out how the numbers one to nine can help you derive a sense of your spiritual orbit. As you came to know that how the numbers relate to you, this practice can be as explanatory as your weekly horoscope. You have to pay attention to the numbers that come up as you go about your daily routine. You can get your best online consultation of numerology from here.


Marriage Match Making

Matchmaking for marriage is a ritual from past ages in INDIA. It is the process of matching two souls together for the purpose of marriage. It was said that when marriage joins two souls, it is to be noted that the heavenly bodies accompanied each other, resulting in peace, happiness, and harmony in married life.

In India where arranged marriages are common, many people want to secure their marriage life by matchmaking the birth charts of bride and groom before marriage if any remedial measures are needed to be taken.

Importance of Horoscope Matching for marriage

The Main importance of Matchmaking is the Selection of a Right Life Partner. At the time of our birth, the position of planets in the sky indicates many things, including our Marriage. So match Matching, prepared from our birth, will give us an idea about how our Married Life will be and the most suitable time for Marriage. Matching of charts needs a lot of hard work and can only be possible if you have many years of practical experience in Astrology. Anjan Shastri is the best astrologer who gives you proper remedial measures for marriage matchmaking.

•              The major reason for Matchmaking before marriage is the compatibility of the bride and groom. If two persons are not compatible with each other, it becomes very tough for them to Stay together for a long period of time.

•              It also predicts financial stability and job prospects. Hence the Luck and fortune of Boy as well as Girl Should be properly detected.

•              The Married Life will be completed with a child. By Horoscope matching it determines if the Boy or Girl has the Yoga for child or not. Since a family is said to be completed only after the birth of a child, so the parents are very particular to stable this happiness for their children after marriage.

•              Sometimes the Time is not Favorable but the horoscopes and everything match perfectly. Hence the result of any task executed in an Unfavourable time is said to be unfavorable.


Kusti Bichar

Anjan Shastri is Janam Kundali expert. He also does Graha Shanti Yagya havan for the success of family and peace amongst entire relatives following the necessary steps and measures. He is well-known for his predictions and his predictions come true. The Kundli or Vedic birth chart describes a visual way where the planets were at the time of your birth.
Your Kundli also shows the relationship between the planets, and their impact on each other and is used to analyze your work, personal, health, and family life.
Your Kundali can also contain other graphs and charts and analysis or predictions of these charts.

If interested in having Graha Shanti Yagya, then feel free to call Anjan Shastri. He also holds expertise in doing Puja for Kuja Dosha (Mangalik), Satya Narayana Puja, Kalasarpa Puja, Saraswati Puja, Shiva Puja, Mahalakshmi Puja, Hanuman Pooja and Ganesha Puja.

Anjan Shastri provides Kusti bichar consultations for those interested in this ancient art of living. Anjan Shastri, a renowned astrologer in Burdwan, Bankura, Medinipur, Hooghly has studied Kusti bichar for a long time. He can help you with any problem related to Kusti Bichar. His Kusti Bichar services are affordable and consultations are always free. He provides Kusti Bichar, Feng Shui, Pyramidology, Interior Design, Astrology, Lal Kitab, Numerology Consultancy, Services, Courses, Books & Products.
He provides

  1. Basic Life Prediction Kusti
  2. Standard Life Prediction Kusti
  3. Supreme Life Prediction Kusti


LifeLine in Palmistry

Anjan Shastri is a respected Indian astrologer, who has been in the business for over 20 years. He gained recognition as the best astrologer in India, and now he’s one of the leading palmists in the world.
He is known for his expertise in Vedic astrology, Numerology, and Palmistry. It’s not uncommon to find an article about Anjan Shastri’s predictions in major newspapers or on TV.
Anjan Shastri has also written books about these topics and lectures regularly around the world.
Palm reading is an ancient art that goes back to the time of ancient Egypt. It concerns the study of the lines in the palm of one’s hand and is said to reveal a person’s character and life. Palm readers will be looking at the shape and position of the thumb, the size and shape of both hands, as well as the length and thickness of fingers. They will also be examining where each finger begins. In addition, they will be looking at what is known as “Life Line” which denotes how long they expect you to live. Palm reading is believed to have existed ever since people could walk upright.

Palm readings can tell a lot about a person, like their personality traits, interests, and even their future. There are so many things you can learn from palm reading that it is often seen as an alternative to astrology for those who don’t believe in it or prefer a more grounded type of reading.
Chinese people use a person’s hand to tell their fortune by looking at lines on the palm of their hand. In Japan, it is believed that your lifeline shows your health. Palmistry is also practiced in the West, where people believe that lines on the palm reveal clues about personality traits or events to come.
1) Astrology
2) Palm reading