Every Zodiac sign has unique traits which often tell the personality of a bearer. It can determine one’s lifestyle & much more. Today we are talking about Aquarius, well known as the god of water. Aquarius have fascinating traits, which you’ll learn gradually in this blog.

Personality Traits:

Aquarius, the 11th Zodiac Sign, is symbolised as Water-bearer and is known for creativity and individuality. One of the eminent personality traits of Aquarians is optimism and self-reliance. Air is an elemental sign of Aquarius, which makes them calm and sensitive. Their viewpoints are guided by empathy and a strong sense of fairness.

Planetary Position:

Aquarius has two planets as a co-ruler, Uranus & Saturn. Aquarians have a revolutionary vision and they urge change and envision new possibilities. They are mainly born between Jan 20 to Feb 18. These planets’ positions could positively beef up for Aquarius bearers.

These planets along with the Zodiac Sign can give a person rigid emotional strength, and perseverance for any work.

Career Perspective:

Progressiveness, Positivity & Intellectuality are the main Aquarius characteristics. Their mindset is preferably optimistic regarding all aspects. They are predicted to be humble in spirit, which makes them shine like a star in any field of their career growth. The most notable personality of Aquarians is their lofty vision for careers as well as the future of society. The best career for Aquarians is Entrepreneur, Social Worker, Artistic or Creative field and so on.

They are a risky businessman too. They have the guts to take risks in a business & never commit defeat so easily.

Love Life:

Aquarius is mostly compatible with LEO & SAGITTARIUS in terms of a relationship. One of the Aquarius personality traits is progress & humility. It is essential in a relationship to keep calm and listen to your partner properly & share mutual effort & understanding. As Aquarius is very positive, open-minded & calm when it comes to resolving an issue they could be a very successful zodiac sign.

Strength & Weakness:

Aquarius is One of the most conflicting & debatable Zodiac signs. They have numerous personalities which can differentiate them from other zodiac sign bearers. One of the strengths of Aquarius is calmness & self-determination. Observation skills, Cognitive study & desire for learning are Aquarius eminent personalities. Sometimes they can be stubborn & reluctant which tends to be the weakness of Aquarians.


Despite its volatile disposition in nature, Aquarians carry positive reinforcement. When it comes to working, Aquarians are all about exhibiting their innovative abilities. Genuineness and sovereignty are one-of-a-kind capabilities.




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