Why is Astrology important for every person?

Why Are People So Into Astrology Right Now?

According to research, astrology may significantly impact and even legitimise a person’s self-concept, as well as boost their assurance in their unique characteristics. In summary, the ruminative character of astrology stimulates self-reflection, allowing individuals to better comprehend themselves and their surroundings.

Why Astrology Works for Those Who Believe

Astrology, the belief that the positions of the planets impact life events, does not always have great support in the scientific medical community. For those who believe, certain scientifically supported health advantages outweigh any mystical forecasts. There are three medically supported health “Predictions” about how astrology improves the health and lifestyles of believers.

Prediction 1: It Has the Potential to Reduce Stress.

Much of our life stress stems from our unpredictable character. Uncertainty about how events will unfold and/or what options to make when they do is a major source of stress. Astrology delivers a sense of certainty in an unpredictable world to those who trust its forecasts. This certainty’s stress- relieving effects can have real-world health advantages of less worry, such as lower blood pressure and clearer thinking. Furthermore, it is generally proven that persons with more positive, less stressed outlooks have longer lives.

Prediction 2: They Gain Important Personal Knowledge

According to Courtney Tracy, a doctor of psychology, astrological readings have the power to stimulate good internal reflection. Internal self-evaluation and insight are critical to psychological health and progress. Second, regardless of the reading, the process of receiving a reading may bring clarity and personal insight into one’s genuine sentiments about an approaching life event. This is because astrological readings, like a written Rorschach test, are broad and can be construed by a reader’s subconscious to represent their genuine goals and anxieties. Astrological readings also give a pause from the rat race of everyday activity, allowing one time to reflect on one’s future. At its most basic, astrology offers believers a guided foundation for everyday self-reflection.

Prediction 3: It May Actually “Predict” Regardless of Accuracy The Near Future

According to psychological study, astrological prophecies can come true for a believer independent of magical foresight. The science behind this is based on the tremendous placebo effect, which drives the self-fulfilling prophecy phenomena. According to one research, horoscope followers build implicit expectations about forthcoming occurrences. These expectations were so powerful that when the events occurred, the believer approached them with confidence that increased the likelihood of the expected outcomes. For example, if they were to meet a love interest that week, they could be more receptive to encounters and social with possible mates.

Why is Astrology important for every person?

The original objective of astrology, on the other hand, was to predict the direction of an individual’s life based on the placements of the planets and zodiac signs (the 12 astrological signs ) at the time of his conception or birth. This research, known as genethlialogy, yielded the core methods of astrology (casting nativities).

Following genethlialogy, three major subdivisions emerged: general, cathartic, and interrogatory astrology. General astrology is the study of the link of key astronomical moments (such as vernal equinoxes, eclipses, or planetary conjunctions) to social groups, nations, or mankind as a whole. It provides astrological solutions to questions put to the bru in Mesopotamia.

What is Numerology?

Numerology (sometimes referred to as arithmancy) is the belief in an occult, divine, or mystical association between a number and one or more congruent occurrences. It is also the study of the numerical value of letters in words and names using an alphanumeric system. Numerology Thousands of individuals contact numerologists every day to find answers to questions about their careers, finances, love, marriage, family, and other facets of life.

What is the importance of numbering?

Humans need good numeracy skills as parents to assist our children to develop, as patients to grasp health information, and as citizens to make sense of statistics and economic news. Decisions in life are frequently based on numerical data; to make the best choices, we must be numerate.

How can Numerology change your life?

  1. It helps you to represent your inner abilities and character along with your potential and surely change your life by driving it all.
  1. It can also get you closer to chances by informing you of the components that cause favourable outcomes.
  2. Numerology can tell what makes some people succeed over others in the same task
  3. Numerology may assist you to understand your partner’s desires, ambitions, frame of mind, path, and how they can arrive at their destination.

Common married life problems and solution

As per the research, it has been noticed that Marriage problems gradually lead a spouse to be emotionally draining and incredibly lonely. It is often recognized that hardly a spouse may recognize a day without some heated exchange and vice versa after getting hitched to each other. On the contrary, it is seen that many people visit marriage astrologers due to Kundali matching for marriage prior to their ceremony. However, in a brief, it has been seen that many people are seeking Astrological remedies for marriage problems just to get rid of their problems and they are getting benefited from the Marriage problem solution for an astrologer as the astrologer can guide you with the help of Astrological remedies for marriage problems.

Usefulness of seeking Astrological remedies prior to marriage:

Spouse families prior to their marriage ceremony are matching their kundlis from an astrologer of one just to avoid the post-marriage hecticness because just after the marriage some problems related to such

1. Money,

2. Intimacy,

3. Undesirable Friends,

4. Household Division of labour,

5. Communication

And many more. Kundali matching for marriage helps a person to sort out negatives aspects of life as there are certain terms known as Manglik dosha which means both the spouse should check that they are Manglik or not otherwise the astrologer will guide them with Astrological remedies for marriage for their marriage life betterment

A disadvantage of not seeking Astrological remedies prior to marriage:

Nowadays it has been noticed that the rate of divorce is gradually going high one of the reasons is due to not matching their kundlis before marriage basically Kundali matching for marriage helps us to highlight the status of compatibility of both partners as it determines the physical and mental compatibility between two individuals

Benefits for Seeking help after Marriage problem from astrologer

As per the astrologist’s guidance, we all know that Saturn and Rahu play the primary dominant role in which sun playing a secondary dominant, on a contradictory note it has been believed that If the lord is Saturn which is the seventh house or put forward in the seventh house, as therefore it creates a major negative impact in marriage life for the betterment of life it is beneficial to seeking help from marriage astrologer for Marriage problem solution.

Perfect marriage life can be led through the help of a marriage astrologer as they guide the would-be spouse rather say they alert them about the Astrological remedies for marriage problems if they have any problems while Kundli matches for marriage.


Astrological Remedies for Educational Success

Education is one of the greatest pillars of a human being to succeed in life. It is the same for everyone which determines future prosperity, and status & creates a path for well well-being & hard work, people catch new heights in their life. for children’s future betterment from astrologers, Parents could know higher education astrology predictions for their children. common and  most useful methods are as follows:


According to astrology, The study table should be in the North, North-East, or in East direction. As the bed direction should be in the southeast direction & make sure when your child is going to sleep his/her head facing should be in the east or south direction.

Enhance Concentration:

To enhance the concentration power you could give your child Tutsi leaf juice with one spoon of honey every morning. The alternative way to get the immediate result is to wear the copper. Take a small piece of copper & put it in a chain, make sure that child will tie it to the neck on a regular basis to get the result.

Increase Interest:

Setting green, orange & yellow colors in your child’s room could be curtains, wall paint, or anything as long as you use the above color. Yellow reflects the shadow of the Sun, orange reflects Jupiter Yellow reflects the shadow of the Sun Green reflects Mercury; This can increase interest in study in your child and help to build intellectual ability. Ask your child to pray to God Sun every morning; it will help him/her to gain positive energy, perseverance, etc.

Chanting Mantra:

Parents can tell their children to chant the geriatric mantra every morning which will make them persistent in every manner of their life.

Education astrological prediction is beneficial when anyone uses it in a proper ethical manner. Make sure you practice from the best astrologer to get the best result.


Why Marriage Matchmaking is Important?

Importance Of Matchmaking

From ancient times, Matchmaking or Kundali Milan has been one of the important aspects of Marriage. Many Indians give much importance to astrology matchmaking. The process is done by matching two birth charts of a boy and a girl. During the time of birth many planets, and stars are influenced by one individual. In matchmaking, the astrologer follows the ‘Gunn Milan method,’ or the ‘Ashtakoota method.’ In this method, the position of the moon is calculated in the chart of a couple. In this method eight kootas are focused, where these eight kootas look at different aspects of marriage life. Each kootas score is based on the match between the two Kundalis. Based on the points matched in the kootas, the auspiciousness of their marriage is predicted.

It is believed that out of the 36 Gunas, at least one needs to score 18 to match for a marriage to be a happy couple.

Why Matchmaking is needed?

Marriage Matchmaking is a very ancient method and it is necessary to know the comfort between two couples.

From the horoscope of two couples, the nature and behaviour of two couples are matched.

  • The mental behaviour of couples was analysed.
  • Nature of couples.
  • Physical comfort matching of the couple.
  • Sexual comfort between couples.
  • Progeny after marriage.
  • Cooperation towards each other.
  • The health of couples.

Thus one can determine the comfortability among couples. Matchmaking can save a relationship, which is caused due to natural & behaviour conflicts.

Why does the Moon have an important role in matchmaking?

Matching the moon between the couples is the important thing. One can match the nature and behaviour of an individual from the best astrologer in West Bengal by matching the position of the moon. Couples must have a good relationship and understanding between them if the moon is matched perfectly in matchmaking. Moon is the prime karaka of the nature and behaviours of an individual.


Vastu Shastra Tips for Home To Bring Good Luck

Do you think every builder is compliant with the rules of Vastu shastra while building homes? No! So, if you believe in Vastu Shastra for home, then you have to follow some guidelines and you might need some Vastu tips for home from the best astrologer. For a proper Vastu of your home, you have to consult an experienced and famous astrologer who provides a solution to live a joyful life.


Vastu Shastra Tips for Home- Guidelines

We all have heard of Vastu shastra but most people are not aware of Vastu shastra and why it is important. Vastu shastra is an Indian ancient art. One should follow some Vastu guidelines for their home which are enlisted below:


Vastu Direction for House Entrance

As per the Vastu of your entrance at home, the main entrance of your house should face the north, east, or northeast direction. Before buying or building a house, tips to focus on while designing the house entrance:

  • Placing any fountain or water-centric decoration outside the main door should be avoided.
  • A shoe rack or dustbin outside the entrance should be avoided.
  • The colour of the main door should not be painted black.
  • The entrance should be well lit.


Vastu Tips for Bedroom

Bedrooms should be in the southwest direction. Bedrooms in the northeast direction cause health issues, while in the southeast cause quarrels and fights among couples. Some Vastu tips to design the bedroom:

  • A mirror or television in front of the bed must be avoided. It causes domestic disruptions and fights.
  • The bedroom walls should not be black.
  • Temple should not be there in the bedroom.



Vastu Tips for Kitchen

  • In the kitchen, bright colour combinations help to activate the fire elements.
  • Shades like yellow, light pink, peach, or brown should be used. Avoid using shades of black or red. 
  • Keep the cooking gas burner in the south-east direction, washbasin or sink in the north-east, and grain jars or those of spices in the south or west direction.
  • Don’t keep the kitchen slab or the utensils dirty overnight. 


Vastu tips for children’s room

Children’s rooms should evoke as much love, warmth, happiness, and peace. 

  •   Avoid placing the bed in front of a mirror, window, or door. It causes hypertension.
  • Remove unused stationery, including pens without a refill, unsharpened pencils, torn books, old books, or newspapers from the room as they attract negative vibrations.
  • The study table should be clutter-free for a clear path to success.
  • Avoid placing shoes or slippers under the table 
  •   Bookshelves placed on the North-East side of the room should always be made out of wood and not metal.


Vastu Tips for Bathroom/Toilet

Some key tips for healthy sanitation:

  • Toilets and bathrooms must face in the north-west direction of the home
  • Construct the toilet in the west or north-west
  • Use colours of light pastel shades like pink, grey, and light blue.
  • Use a mirror on the north or the east wall, and you could place your washbasin accordingly.
  • An attached toilet should be avoided in the southeast or southwest corner of the room.


Where should the overhead water tank be installed?

The most important and basic Vastu is the placement of the overhead water tank. It is suitable if you placed the overhead tank in the west or south-west direction of the house. 


Colours According to Vastu

Choose shades like white, yellow, pink, coral, green, orange, or blue to leverage positive vibes. Avoid using dark colours for home.


The Shape of the Rooms

Ensure the rooms which follow straight lines and are in a square or rectangular shape. Avoid using any furniture that is circular.


Follow these tips while building your new home, it should be filled with positive energy and you can live a joyful life.


Importance of Astrology in education

We all know education is important in life for many reasons, but today we are going to talk about the importance of astrology in education.

Modern life needs modern solutions, astrology has done the same thing since ancient times.

Glorious Past:

Astrology had a glorious past which we will talk about later in another blog, but here is some brief fragmentary of the astrology we discuss below.

Astrology was first introduced in India around 1200 BCE.

Initially, Astrology was utilized for determining days, months & years, afterwards it is used for knowing the personality & future of a person.

Although the impact of Astrology in education was implemented in the ancient era, the information was mainly derived from Hindu, Mesopotamian, etc cultures. In education, astrology plays an imperial role .

Parents nowadays keep visiting astrologers to enhance the education of their children as the up growing faith in astrologers is constant.

Various houses & planets are involved in astrology, which we are talking about below.

4th House:

In Astrology, the 4th house is regarded as the house of education. According to the scripters , it’s responsible for the betterment or worsening of anyone’s education.

5th House:

Astrology has stated this house as the house of knowledge. This determines one’s knowledge & intelligence.

9th House:

This house is regarded as the house of higher study. According to the scripters, the 9th house is very important to get good grades in higher studies.


In astrology, there are 12 houses & 7 planets that are responsible to determine one’s future betterment or worsening.

But, for education, major houses are 4th,5th & 9th, also some people include 2nd & 11th houses also in this list. Along with this people count Jupiter, mercury, venus & Ketu as pivotal celestial objects which have taken crucial roles in astrology.



In Vedic astrology that we follow, we believe that our luck depends on the movement of the planets. The direction of the planets determines our luck, success, happiness.

All these dosh can be controlled with the guidance of the proper astrologers, People they keep looking for a astrologer who could help and guide them. Many practice various types of astrological studies and there are many popular astrologers in metro cities. You can also summon upon the best astrologer in Delhi if you want your worries to go away soon.

Mangal Dosh is one such astrological term that is dreaded by everyone. This dosh or fault can be considered devastating and therefore turns out to be the cause of everyone’s discomfort and frustration. Young boys or girls who are out in the society looking for a prospectus life partner fail to find the right matches if they are found to be Manglik. This leads to low self-esteem and irritation, and hence they go around finding solutions to their problems. Not only them, but their family members suffer because of such issue.

While looking around solutions for their Manglik dosh, they look for renowned astrologers. They always remain in search of the Best astrologer to get rid of their troubles in their life.

The different placement of the planet Mars in people’s horoscope affect their lives in different ways. Some placements are considered dangerous and are said to affect the life of the better half of the Manglik person which can cause a rift in marital lives.

Manglik Dosh cannot be removed but controlled. For this, you don’t need to consult the Famous astrologer in India. We suggest you some Manglik Dosh remedies.

Manglik dosh can be controlled with the help of universal energy. Energy controls our bodily vibes and with the same energy, we can control how the placement of Mars in our horoscope affects us.

Meditation is another way to control Manglik dosh. Meditation is said to cure many diseases and thus meditation for a few minutes’ everyday controls our bodily senses and this helps in reducing the Manglik effects in our lives.

It is high time to get rid of the myths and beliefs that a Manglik person cannot lead a comfortable and peaceful life. Manglik dosh is nothing but a planetary action and its effects on human lives and health can be controlled.



Getting selected for a job in the government sector is a dream for many aspirant. And a real aspirant is always ready put time and hard work as much as possible. But are they enough? If merit is all needed to crack a government job then every topper of every college would have bagged a government job.

According to the famous astrologer in Delhi, it is not the case. You stars play quite an important role in the dreams of yours. So if it’s not meant for you then there is no point of so much investment of time, money, energy and hard work because everything is going to vain. All you need to do is sit tight and invest these resources of yours to the job that is meant for you.

It I quite obvious that everybody wants a professional success and financial prosperity from the beginning of their career but not everyone is lucky enough to get them. A beginning of smooth professional career gives you a financial independence as well as mental peace. People who are unaware and in dilemma about what career they should opt for, astrology will always provide a definitive guidance to them.

It is always important to know what a person is destined for or else going forward for a career that conflicts with the law of their horoscope will only waste your time and energy. In the same way it is important to know that if that person is destined for government job or not, if not then then they should pursue something else taking guidance form astrology.



The twins are the most intelligent amongst the 12 zodiacs. Smart, intelligent, witty and dynamic, Gemini is the chameleon of the zodiac, can blend into different group with different kinds of people. They can literally sense the vibe and act according to it, thanks to their wit. This is a deep dive on the Gemini by the famous astrologer in Delhi.

They are brilliant, practical, always looking forward. They don’t stuck in the past thinking about what could have happened instead they just think what can be done next. For them the glass is always half-full. They are never bored, even if in some situations they are quiet people misread them by thinking that nothing is going inside. On the contrary they always keep their mind busy by constantly pushing themselves. They often turn into solitary daydreamers.

Gemini are in love with love, and they adore the ritual of it all, from those “do they like me?” butterflies to the anticipation of a back-and-forth text volley. Gemini loves dating, and the world loves Gemini. But a Gemini will eventually settle down, because this sign is incredibly loyal and steadfast once they’ve chosen a partner. Let’s be clear, though: Steadfast isn’t a code word for boring. Gemini always love to keep things fresh and are happy to try almost anything in the bedroom. They’re proud of their sexuality and depend on frequent physical check-ins to keep them grounded in their body. To them, sex is a celebration of life, and Gemini loves both sex and life.