On a contradictory note, Vastu Shasta is an ancient term that literally translates to the. Generally, Vastu Shasta is noticed that is based on the five essential elements that are Prithvi (earth), Agni (fire), Tej (light), Vayu (wind), and Akash (ether) which is usually referred to as panchabhutas. The importance of Vastu Shasta according to Indian culture is just because we humans believe that the universe as a whole including the earth and the human body is considered to be made out of these five elements which affect the cosmic forces and the forms of energies. However, Vastu Shasta for home is important and because the pattern of the home should be according to the process that implies positivity by nullifying negativity which helps for creating an environment conducive to total success tranquility, good health, harmony.

Peaceful homes are the happy homes

Basically, Vastu is a Sanskrit word where Vastu means a dwelling or home with a corresponding plot of land. Vastu Shasta for home is much more practice because they believe that home is the ultimate peace for every human so it’s better to plot their ways according to the norms of Vastu Shasta. On a contrary, turning a house into a dream home it helps to radiate the right kind of energy that brings success to the home. As per the Vastu Shasta, every home receives some amount of cosmic energy whether negative or positive rather say (good or bad).

Advantage of using Vastu Shasta norms while plotting the land

In the recent scenario, Vastu Shasta is highly popular across the world. However, the main advantage or benefit of the Vastu Shasta is to create and attract positive cosmic energy. On the other hand, it is also believed that working or People living at a Vastu-compliant place are referred to lead a happier and healthy lifestyle. The perfect setting of Vastu Shasta is to let positive power flow into the home by enhancing harmonizing the relations and inner peace.

Direction Vastu Shasta

Patterns of the home should be according to the process that implies positivity by nullifying negativity for say the patterns or direction are as follows; a bedroom should be in the northwest direction as there is ample air, Puja rooms, a well, and underground water tank should be in the northeast. For female members of the family, the west-facing Vastu direction is not suitable however; the north-west facing is great for success, fortune, health, and wealth. According to the Vastu Shasta, it is believed that plotting land should be in the right way for gaining positivity by nullifying the negativity. However on the contrary it is noticed that the origin of Vastu Shasta evolved during Vedic times in India.

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