Education is the pillar of anyone’s life. It is imperial for everyone which determines future
prosperity, status & creates a path for well being. Over the years it is proved by taking astrological remedies for higher education with dedication & hard work, people catch new heights in their life.Parents could take higher education astrology predictions for their children’s future betterment from astrologers.
Some of the common & most useful methods are following:


According to astrology, the study table & bed of your children should be in the proper manner to
get maximum productive energy.
Study table should be in the North, North-East or in the East direction.
As the bed direction should be in the south-east direction & make sure when your child is going
to sleep his/her head facing should be in the east or south direction.

Enhance Concentration:

To enhance the concentration power you could give your child tulsi leaf’s juice with one spoon of
honey every morning. Another way to get the immediate result is to wear the copper. Take a small piece of copper & put it in a chain, have your child wear it.

Increase Interest:

Bring green, orange & yellow color in your child’s room. It could be curtains, wall paint or
anything as long as you use the above color.
Green reflects Mercury, orange reflects Jupiter & Yellow reflects the shadow of the Sun.
This can increase interest in study in your child & help to build intellectual ability.
Tell your child to praise God Sun every morning, it will help him/her to gain positive energy,
perseverance etc.

Chanting Mantra:

Parents can tell their child to chant gayatri mantra or saraswati vandana every morning which will make them persistent in every manner of their life.

Education astrological prediction is very useful when anyone uses it in a proper manner. Make sure you will practice the processes under the guidance of an astrologer to get the best result.

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