Although wedding may be a happy union of 2 people, there ar times once it turns into the person’s least desired relationship. once obtaining married, the partners might argue promptly, or they’ll lose their feeling for each other over time which is once the married life issues begin. Couples might argue, disagree, and ultimately hate one another for a range of reasons, however star divination approaches married life issues from a completely totally different angle.

The good news is that star divination deals with each, common issues and attainable solutions to married life. 

Top Married Life issues Janus-faced and solutions: 

Low compatibility– 

this type of married life drawback happens once one amongst the partners has bhakoot dosha in their Kundali. thanks to this dosha, partners fail to know one another and their intentions. There ar loads of issues and conflicts that cause the link to be inconsistent.

Lack of Communication–

 once the link is at its initial stage, individuals don’t take red flags seriously and place them off for later that causes them to make up and obtain stronger and cause married life problems. it’s crucial to repair the cons of your partner within the initial stage of the link because it gets troublesome to vary them anon. Communication is that the key to a triple-crown relationship and it ought to be prioritized. If Mercury is within the second house of your Kundali, this could be a reason for an equivalent.


 Having boundaries, likes and dislikes ar totally different from having unreasonable expectations from your partner. It’s not right to expect our partner to believe our values and beliefs. this can be a really common married life drawback and loads of marriages finish as a result of partners expect one another to adapt their beliefs. A partner may need his/her partner to be precisely like him/her.

Extracurricular affairs – 

If negative planets ar connected to the Lagna or the Moon in your Kundali, it will cause issues in married life, particularly extracurricular affairs. this type of married life drawback will build the wedding worse.

Monetary complications– 

monetary stability is very important for general happiness likewise as marriages. it’s necessary to own a supply of financial gain which will give for you likewise as your partner. monetary security is crucial to maintaining the standard of life.


 once each partners ar prosperous and dealing, it’s quite common to own a sense of fight and jealousy between one another. This additionally causes each of them to grow apart and different married life issues.

Lack of intimacy-

 because of fatigue or too feverish lifestyles, the spouses might lack sexual intimacy. Over time, this additionally contributes to married life issues. Venus is that the karaka of passion and love in married life, and star divination might aid in boosting sexual closeness between lovers by enhancing this planet’s power.

Interference of in laws– 

In some things, the lady finds it troublesome to affect her in-laws’ excessive meddling in their matrimonial relationships. Over time, this causes the link to decrease compatible. For a native, the homes of their mother- and male parent, severally, ar within the fourth and tenth households. however don’t worry, Astrologers will assist you solve this issue by supplying you with wedding life drawback solutions.

Ennui or age difference–

 though age variations ar generally taken under consideration once individuals get hitched with, this is not perpetually the case. This leads to variations in thoughts, preferences in life, and different married life issues. The younger partner will suppose the elder one is uninteresting, whereas the older partner would possibly suppose the younger one is just too immature. Age gaps in marriages ar generally caused by the world Saturn, which may be overcome victimization the planet’s most potent cures to reverse its negative effects.

Marriage life drawback solutions:

1. A triple-crown methodology to enhance a married life is to look at fasts on Thursdays. the bulk of ladies perform this.

2. On Fridays, men ar suggested to quick and honor the immortal Laxmi.

3. to reduce the dangerous effects on the world, one will unleash caged birds.

4. Avoid sporting black clothing; instead, select yellow or pink.

5. Worship the deities Parvati and Shiva.

6. On Sat, offer urad daal-based vadas to the underprivileged.

7. for 3 Saturdays in an exceedingly row, give black benne seeds, black chana, or black urad dekalitre.

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