Rudraksha is an ancient auspicious bead which is derived from lord shiva.
The bead hangs on the lord shiva’s neck & it represents positive energy.
There are several benefits of wearing rudraksha.

Origin Of Rudraksha:

Sadhus & gurus told rudraksha to come from lord shiva’s tears. “Rudra” is another name of lord shiva & “Aksha” means eyes.
It is generally found in Northern Asia , Himalayan hills, Nepal etc.

Types of Rudraksha:

Ekmukhi, panchamukhi & Gauri shankar are variations of rudraksha.
Ekmukhi rudraksha is very powerful , its wearer has a certain tendency to be alone.
People eventually leave their home by 12days & have a grown up tendency to set themselves apart from everyone.
Panchamukhi rudraksha is good for men, women & children.
It calms your nervous system & brings inner peace. People can concentrate better after wearing panchmukhi rudraksha.
Gaurisankar is a certain of this kind. People believe this kind of rudraksha brings prosperity in their life.

Why Do You Need Rudraksha?

Rudraksha has two perspectives, one is devotional & one is natural.
People have used rudraksha as a devotional element since ages. They believe it is a very essential ingredient to keep your devotional positive energy high.
Natural cause of rudraksha is also very significant , people believe that it is the ingredient which makes you calm in nature , improves your concentration power & physical health.

Benefits of Wearing Rudraksha:

  • One of the main benefits of rudraksha mala is prosperity. Prosperity does not always mean money , it could be inner peace , upgrowing of knowledge ets. It is balancing between Pingla & Ida.
  • Rudraksha keeps you calm & boosts up your confidence, concentration etc.
  • Rudraksha is useful as a spiritual cause , people believe it’s auspicious to keep at home, workplaces etc. It removes negative energy.
  • Differentiate between clean water & unhealthy water.
  • Improve your sleep cycle.
  • Improves physical health.
  • Improves body temperature, people use it to reduce temperature from the body.
  • Improves energy layers.
  • Improves focus.

The Rudraksha needs to contact the physique and additionally the beads have to contact each other too. Rudraksha ought to be washed solely with water alternatively than any cleaning soap etc., Shiva usually loves nature greater than cloth things, it’s why supplying solely water to Shiva Temple is additionally sufficient to proceed the devotion to the religious path.

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