In Hindu Zodiac, the first Rashi in Vedic astrology is Mesh Rashi, which is also known as the Aries.
It is influenced by the Mangal Graha or Mars. Aries ascendant has a strong, attractive body and also has an extroverted personality.
The Surya (Sun) is elevated in Aries zodiac according to the planetary position. Sun gives strength and courage to Aries people so that they can move forward with confidence in their life.

▶ Appearance:-
The ones who fall under Mesh Rashi (Aries) have a bit dark-complexioned face, strong body, long neck and they talk cleverly, thin teeth in the lower jaw. They have eyes red or pale in color. On the forehead or face, they have scars and have large eyes with rough hair.
▶ Nature:-
Aries persons are introverts by nature. They have smiling faces and are hasty walkers.
The people under Mesh Rashi prefer to work under the guidance of others. They are ambitious, courageous, and vigilant for self-respect. They are straightforward, generous and lovers of freedom.
▶ Relationship:-
Mesh Rashi people are loyal one.
Aries, however, are extremely disappointed, when their love is not interchanged in equal measure.
▶ Health:-
They have great energy, strength, and stamina and are liable to disorders of the head, stomach, and kidneys. Extra care of these parts of their bodies is needed, or they can develop disorders like migraines, indigestion, or kidney stones. These diseases can be caused by heavy work pressure or an unhealthy diet.
▶ Career:-
Professions that suit Mesh Rashi are research, medicine and related fields, surgery, mechanics, athletics and sports, firefighting, adventure travel, engineering, psychology, and most importantly, entrepreneurship.

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