Choosing the right stream is very difficult for the students as per their interests. Thus the position of planets in the charts of a child provides the base of education. Therefore, parents can make charts of their children by Vedic astrology. Anjan Shastri is a famous astrologer where he provides the best consultancy by making charts of a child for their education.

Astrology can play a major role by analyzing one planetary position using various permutations and combinations and helps to move towards the perfect direction of the career.

Importance of Education

Education plays an important role in every child. All parents want that their child has a bright career in the future. There are twelve houses in a chart and each house has its own importance pointedly. It determines by the 5th house and the ascendant is given maximal importance. It is to be supposed that there is a malefic planet in the 5th house thus its association with the ascendants has to be scrutinized for the education and the profession of a child. The child will be more successful in his or her education area if the ascendant is Gemini and the 5th house planet is mercury.

How Astrology affects Education of Child

When the 5th house is occupied by Jupiter and the ascendant is Taurus, then it may be concluded that a child can be confused. The reason is that the direct association of Jupiter with the Taurus whose ruling planet is Venus may not be favorable for the child because Venus is not the friend of Jupiter. It is said that the education of a child can be determined by the 10th house and its profession by the 9th house. According to the planets and the moon sign of the concerned house, a child is more prone towards the profession. Thus for knowing the exact education and professional life of the child, a complete analysis of the horoscope is needed for the same. If you wish to know the thorough anatomy of the chart of your child you can consult our best consultant Dr. Anjan Shastri. He provides excellence in analyzing the detailed educational path and career of a child.

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