Why is Match-Making Needed?

In Indian culture, Kundli Matching is also known as horoscope matching. This is practiced by Indians from the ancient Vedic. Everyone looks for a perfect life partner for a perfect match and for a happy life. Thus
Kundali match-making plays an important role before marriage. For marriage, an understanding and compatible partner is a blessing.

We all know that this is a modern civilization but before tying the matrimony knots, Kundali Milan is the priority for Indian culture. For marriage matchmaking horoscopes of the bride and the groom are matched to see the compatibility rate of their married life.

Many stars and planets influence our lives. For this, match-making Kundli helps to know the precautions and prevention for a happy married life. It helps to decrease the effects of any dosh in the Kundali of the couple. This is done to ensure their peaceful, healthy, and prosperous life. Kundali matching is the study of the 36 Gunas of a person.

A horoscope matching is also known as Ashtakoot Milan because it compares 8 categories or Koots of a person. These Koots have 36 Gunas. These Gunas are used to compare and calculate the compatibility between a couple. The eight Koots are :

  • Varna Koot
  • Vashya Koot
  • Tara Koot
  • Yoni Koot
  • Graha Maitri Koot
  • Gana Koot
  • Rashi Koot
  • Nadi Koot


Importance Of Astrology in Marriage Match-Making

According to Vedic astrology, the kundli matching is considered to be the most important step. It gives you information and ideas about how your married life will be.

When kundli is analyzed the most important aspects are Ashtakoot Milan, Dasha-Kram, and Doshas. If the person whom you will marry has the same likes and dislikes as yours then there are no issues. Kundlis are matched to ensure a happy married life. Thus, for this Dr. Anjan Shastri, the best astrologer can give advice on kundli matching scores. Parents want the best for their children and thus they match the kundlis in looking for the best match. The two kundlis are matched separately and it is analyzed by an astrologer. You cannot only decide the results of the score in the software but have to take advice with an astrologer because marriage is a big decision. The marriage is very much fruitful if the kundlis of both are matched properly. 

We all desire to have a perfect life partner. We want to stay happy with our life partners after marriage. Thus in India marriage is given the top priority and it becomes the norm. The compatibility thus reflects in guna milan. Dr. Anjan Shastri, the best astrologer in West Bengal, gives you the best matchmaking services about Guna milan for marriage matchmaking and he also makes online match-making predictions.