A must have report for those who are already married, but having some issues in married life.Also, If You Are you looking for your partner and now going to marry him or her? Dr Shastri will suggest a most auspicious date and time to celebrate marriage ceremony. Muhurat is said to intensify positivist,retain from evils and ensures a lasting relationship.

One day you step out of your house and meet your dream partner. Your eyes meet and love bell rings. Or maybe, last night you listened to a podcast on how to find your life partner and today you’re meeting them in person! How dreamy and full fantasy is it? Well, everyone daydreams about a soulmate or life partner and wonder about the same question: Who will be my life partner? However, it is not easy to find a life partner.

If love hasn’t been a prominent aspect of your life over the last few months, that’s totally fine! But as Valentine’s Day is approaching, it’s time to give that factor of your life a little bit of attention. As per Valentine’s Day 2021 love life astrology, everyone has something to be excited about no matter what relationship status.

According to the Best astrologer in India, five planets will be moving through Aquarius on Feb. 14, which includes Venus, the planet of love, attraction, pleasure, friendship and aesthetics. As Aquarius is more intellectual, independent and all about the community, you can find it a lot easier to know your needs and your friend’s needs over your romantic partner’s emotional or romantic needs.