A must have report for those who are already married, but having some issues in married life.Also, If You Are you looking for your partner and now going to marry him or her? Dr Shastri will suggest a most auspicious date and time to celebrate marriage ceremony. Muhurat is said to intensify positivist,retain from evils and ensures a lasting relationship.

There are many people who are facing unnecessary hurdles in their life related to the marriage. There are some people who want to do marriage but due to uncertain reasons they face hurdles in the marriage. Marriage if done at right age is good for both the boy and girl. But if marriage is not done at right age and time then most of the couples have to face problems. Some people today want to do love marriage and some want to do marriage according to wish of their parents. Still not all the marriages happen easily. There are many who have to face problems after marriage and some has to face before marriage. Thus they do need marriage problem solution. For all astrology is best solution.