Vastu Shastra in Astrology

Vastu Shastra for Home:-

Home is where we find peace. It is the place of our belongings, identity, comfort, and well-being. Each and every area of our residence has a deep impact on our mental and physical health, wealth. 

The various elements of nature and the different energies of our nature like the solar, lunar, cosmic rays, magnetic rays all are directly related to Vastu Shastra. These natural energies can affect our mental peace, wealth, health, and achievements. Dr. Anjan Shastri, the Vastu consultant for home gives you a prediction to make your home perfectly balanced with nature.

We also have to check the architecture and the furniture placement of the room. The direction of those furniture depends on your life positivity. To detect the perfect Vastu of a House it is to take note of the things in the house and analyze the principle of Vastu. 

Proper Vastu Shastra depends on:-

  • Placement and direction of the bedroom, drawing room, dining room, kitchen, Pooja room, study room, etc.
  • Positioning any art objects like painting, sculpture, etc.
  • Placement and direction of doors and windows.
  • Position of the Plants and Trees inside the house/boundary.
  • Vaastu for Balcony, Swimming pool, Entrance gate.
  • The direction of water tanks and toilets.
  • Furniture placements.
  • Colors of the room

Dr. Anjan Shastri, the best astrologer, offers a solution of Vastu for a House. The Vastu shastra consultant offers services and predictions for all types of flat, apartment, quarter, or residential homes. He focuses on overall well-being but we also have the expertise to improvise any particular aspect, such as health, relationship, finance, prosperity, harmony, children’s education, etc.