Best Astrological Tips for Happy Married Life

Everyone in life wants their married life to be happy, peaceful, and harmonious. Thus everyone makes possible efforts, but sometimes discord enters into the lives of some people. Unfortunately, there is a dispute and problems created between husband and wife which is harmful in their married life. Kundli matchmaking or horoscope matching is an easy way to solve marriage problems in your day-to-day problems. 

Some of the most beneficial astrological tips for happy married life:


  1. With salt water, if anyone wipes the floor of their home daily it helps a great way in their marriage life according to astrological remedies. This is one of the most important husband-wife marriage problems solutions all over India.
  2. If a lady wears a yellow pair of bangles in their hand it increases the happy married life of the couple. It also brings peace and happiness to the life of the couple. Also, the dedication to wearing bangles is similarly important.
  3. If any couple keeps 11 gomti chakra with red vermilion in a vermilion box, it also solves marriage-related problems. These astrological tips for a happy married life have the potential to solve all the disputes between husband and wife.
  4. The fruits and sweets items, when brought to the house, should be given to the Gods first. After that, it is given to the children in the house. This procedure had great significance in married life and will never have trouble in married life.
  5. Haircuts and nail cuts should be avoided by the couple on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Also, avoid washing clothes on Thursday and Saturday. This remedy is very important to their marriage problems.
  6. Avoid eating any non-vegetarian items on Tuesdays and Saturdays to maintain peace in their life. This also helps to decrease the friction between the couple and does not cause any effects on your life. Thus an increase in happiness between the couple is maintained.
  7. If a couple donates sweets to the needy on Tuesdays it removes the impact of the Moon and Mars from their lives. They should donate sweets in the temple barefoot to save their marriage.


Some conditions and choices are there which make a happy and peaceful married life between two individuals. Kundli matching is also beneficial to match the marriage horoscope. Marriage match making helps to know the compatibility of the couple and also helps to rectify their doshes if present in their horoscope. People can follow the tips and guidelines explained here to become happy and joyful. To get the best remedies for marriage problems, you can also talk to the best astrologer.


Why Marriage Matchmaking is Important?

Importance Of Matchmaking

From ancient times, Matchmaking or Kundali Milan has been one of the important aspects of Marriage. Many Indians give much importance to astrology matchmaking. The process is done by matching two birth charts of a boy and a girl. During the time of birth many planets, and stars are influenced by one individual. In matchmaking, the astrologer follows the ‘Gunn Milan method,’ or the ‘Ashtakoota method.’ In this method, the position of the moon is calculated in the chart of a couple. In this method eight kootas are focused, where these eight kootas look at different aspects of marriage life. Each kootas score is based on the match between the two Kundalis. Based on the points matched in the kootas, the auspiciousness of their marriage is predicted.

It is believed that out of the 36 Gunas, at least one needs to score 18 to match for a marriage to be a happy couple.

Why Matchmaking is needed?

Marriage Matchmaking is a very ancient method and it is necessary to know the comfort between two couples.

From the horoscope of two couples, the nature and behaviour of two couples are matched.

  • The mental behaviour of couples was analysed.
  • Nature of couples.
  • Physical comfort matching of the couple.
  • Sexual comfort between couples.
  • Progeny after marriage.
  • Cooperation towards each other.
  • The health of couples.

Thus one can determine the comfortability among couples. Matchmaking can save a relationship, which is caused due to natural & behaviour conflicts.

Why does the Moon have an important role in matchmaking?

Matching the moon between the couples is the important thing. One can match the nature and behaviour of an individual from the best astrologer in West Bengal by matching the position of the moon. Couples must have a good relationship and understanding between them if the moon is matched perfectly in matchmaking. Moon is the prime karaka of the nature and behaviours of an individual.


Vastu Shastra Tips for Home To Bring Good Luck

Do you think every builder is compliant with the rules of Vastu shastra while building homes? No! So, if you believe in Vastu Shastra for home, then you have to follow some guidelines and you might need some Vastu tips for home from the best astrologer. For a proper Vastu of your home, you have to consult an experienced and famous astrologer who provides a solution to live a joyful life.


Vastu Shastra Tips for Home- Guidelines

We all have heard of Vastu shastra but most people are not aware of Vastu shastra and why it is important. Vastu shastra is an Indian ancient art. One should follow some Vastu guidelines for their home which are enlisted below:


Vastu Direction for House Entrance

As per the Vastu of your entrance at home, the main entrance of your house should face the north, east, or northeast direction. Before buying or building a house, tips to focus on while designing the house entrance:

  • Placing any fountain or water-centric decoration outside the main door should be avoided.
  • A shoe rack or dustbin outside the entrance should be avoided.
  • The colour of the main door should not be painted black.
  • The entrance should be well lit.


Vastu Tips for Bedroom

Bedrooms should be in the southwest direction. Bedrooms in the northeast direction cause health issues, while in the southeast cause quarrels and fights among couples. Some Vastu tips to design the bedroom:

  • A mirror or television in front of the bed must be avoided. It causes domestic disruptions and fights.
  • The bedroom walls should not be black.
  • Temple should not be there in the bedroom.



Vastu Tips for Kitchen

  • In the kitchen, bright colour combinations help to activate the fire elements.
  • Shades like yellow, light pink, peach, or brown should be used. Avoid using shades of black or red. 
  • Keep the cooking gas burner in the south-east direction, washbasin or sink in the north-east, and grain jars or those of spices in the south or west direction.
  • Don’t keep the kitchen slab or the utensils dirty overnight. 


Vastu tips for children’s room

Children’s rooms should evoke as much love, warmth, happiness, and peace. 

  •   Avoid placing the bed in front of a mirror, window, or door. It causes hypertension.
  • Remove unused stationery, including pens without a refill, unsharpened pencils, torn books, old books, or newspapers from the room as they attract negative vibrations.
  • The study table should be clutter-free for a clear path to success.
  • Avoid placing shoes or slippers under the table 
  •   Bookshelves placed on the North-East side of the room should always be made out of wood and not metal.


Vastu Tips for Bathroom/Toilet

Some key tips for healthy sanitation:

  • Toilets and bathrooms must face in the north-west direction of the home
  • Construct the toilet in the west or north-west
  • Use colours of light pastel shades like pink, grey, and light blue.
  • Use a mirror on the north or the east wall, and you could place your washbasin accordingly.
  • An attached toilet should be avoided in the southeast or southwest corner of the room.


Where should the overhead water tank be installed?

The most important and basic Vastu is the placement of the overhead water tank. It is suitable if you placed the overhead tank in the west or south-west direction of the house. 


Colours According to Vastu

Choose shades like white, yellow, pink, coral, green, orange, or blue to leverage positive vibes. Avoid using dark colours for home.


The Shape of the Rooms

Ensure the rooms which follow straight lines and are in a square or rectangular shape. Avoid using any furniture that is circular.


Follow these tips while building your new home, it should be filled with positive energy and you can live a joyful life.


Importance of Astrology in education

We all know education is important in life for many reasons, but today we are going to talk about the importance of astrology in education.

Modern life needs modern solutions, astrology has done the same thing since ancient times.

Glorious Past:

Astrology had a glorious past which we will talk about later in another blog, but here is some brief fragmentary of the astrology we discuss below.

Astrology was first introduced in India around 1200 BCE.

Initially, Astrology was utilized for determining days, months & years, afterwards it is used for knowing the personality & future of a person.

Although the impact of Astrology in education was implemented in the ancient era, the information was mainly derived from Hindu, Mesopotamian, etc cultures. In education, astrology plays an imperial role .

Parents nowadays keep visiting astrologers to enhance the education of their children as the up growing faith in astrologers is constant.

Various houses & planets are involved in astrology, which we are talking about below.

4th House:

In Astrology, the 4th house is regarded as the house of education. According to the scripters , it’s responsible for the betterment or worsening of anyone’s education.

5th House:

Astrology has stated this house as the house of knowledge. This determines one’s knowledge & intelligence.

9th House:

This house is regarded as the house of higher study. According to the scripters, the 9th house is very important to get good grades in higher studies.


In astrology, there are 12 houses & 7 planets that are responsible to determine one’s future betterment or worsening.

But, for education, major houses are 4th,5th & 9th, also some people include 2nd & 11th houses also in this list. Along with this people count Jupiter, mercury, venus & Ketu as pivotal celestial objects which have taken crucial roles in astrology.


How to Choose The Right Astrologer?

Everyone may not know how to choose the right astrologer. Since almost everyone is interested in astrology, many people consider visiting an astrologer. Because at that time you may need proper guidance from a fortune teller.

There are many types of astrology today, from people who have read one or two books to those who have spent 40 years or more studying ancient techniques. Some astrologers are good not only for their graphs but also for their good listeners and contacts.

What is the quality of a good astrologer :

  • A good astrology can raise awareness without hatred and greed.
  • Among the qualities of a good astrologer, the first thing is that he must be honest, sincere, truthful, and a patient listener. He should be a person with a strong personality.
  • A good astrologer should have a great deal of experience in astrology. He must know how to study the horoscope and the positions of the universe.
  • A good astrologer should not only be able to predict the future and read birth charts.

Possible Issues While Choosing an Astrologer :

  • If you do not know much about the stars, it is difficult to know whom to contact.
  • If you do not know about astrology, it may be difficult to find an astrologer, one who can be very useful to your needs.

How to Choose the Right Astrologer :

If you are looking for good advice on astrology, never negotiate. Some astrologers may be able to calculate the exact date of your birth to calculate how the planets came together on your birthday, others may want to dig into the details. It is at this point that one needs to make sure that the astrologer is the right person to share things with or not.

1. A Good Profile

The foremost thing about choosing an astrologer is checking their profile by searching their educational qualification, and astrologers list. This makes a major trust factor for a client while seeking an astrologer.

2. Experience

Experience is the key ingredient when looking for a good astrologer. An astrologer who has a few years of experience can boost the knowledge of an astrologer. But the Astrologers with less experience will not guide people properly. So one has to count their experience.

3. Knowledge of Remedies

A good astrologer always finds out the right remedies by analyzing one’s birth chart. Thus they can suggest possible remedies.

4. Market Research

It is very important to check the reputation of the astrologer before going to visit them. This can be done by checking information about him/her from their ex-clients. Make sure that they have no cases of fraud.

5. Conclusion

In addition to reading websites and promotional campaigns, one should check out the following points to find the best astrologer. A good astrologer cannot pinpoint a specific location as the best astrologers in India, Mumbai, Delhi, and so on. One should check whether the study will be done by an astrologer rather than assigning a task to the younger ones. An astrologer must have sensible knowledge. Check out third-party company references for astrology outside of their websites and channels. Find out what people are saying about them.


Introduction of Numerology

Numerology is all about getting to the root number.

The study of numbers, as the figures designating the year of one’s birth, to determine their supposed influence on one’s life, future, etc is the meaning of numerology.

The study of numbers and their various meanings in life is called numerology. From this, it may be revealed the unknown information about the world and also each individual person.

How Does Numerology Work

Numerology is a type of divination or can be said a predictive science, which is based on numbers and the analysis that may be from them. Numerology is all about getting to the root number.

The best astrologer can study numbers, such as figures in a birth date, and their supposed influence on human affairs. He can study life path numbers that are similar to a horoscope birth chart and get great solutions for human beings.

How a Numerology Reading Involves in a human life

Many calculations are there in numerology reading. The calculations can go with different numbers, which include various meanings of a person’s characteristics. The numerology chart of a person can be defined from many perspectives.

The astrologer can explain your numerology chart by analyzing your date of birth, which helps to provide your life moving in the right direction. This may also be done with the combination of your life path number, birthday number, expression number, and personality number.

Purpose of numerology

Numerology makes people succeed over others with their characteristics, and personalities. It reveals traits and helps to make the correct decision about relationships, health, education, marriage, education, finance, etc.


Since life path number is the most important number it forms the basis of what path life could take. A good astrologer can help to solve the challenges of life with accurate calculations.


The Importance of Astrology in our Life

Astrology is an ancient concept. It is an important aspect of life- it determines our present, past, and future. Astrology is a medium to predict the future. It also helps us to get rid of any kind of issues in one’s life related to planetary positions. The position of the planetary bodies in the solar system provides an actual vision for a long period. Many people have interests in astrology ranging from searching the zodiac signs in the newspaper to making decisions in their life related to problems like marriage, finance, career, health, education, relationships, etc. Sometimes it is found that many successful people consult astrologers to make decisions in their life.

Why is Astrology Important?

The astrological birth charts of every individual are different. Astrology lays emphasis on our karma and actions. Astrology totally believes in, “Today’s karma is tomorrow’s fate”.

Astrology paves the lights in the life of a person and it is entirely our choice whether we want to move on this path or not. If you are concerned about the way of normal life then you can connect with Dr. Anjan Shastri, the best astrologer in Kolkata(Kalighat). He solves all the problems through PALMISTRY, Numerology, Vastu Shastra, Kusti, and Marriage Match Making.

Astrology plays a vital role in our daily life

Astrology makes connections among our past, present, and future. It simply concerns the important fundamentals of our everyday lives.

Education problems: Are you facing problems in your child’s education? Astrology can help to solve all the education problems in one’s life. It gives proper guidance to the students and keeps their minds focused during their study time.

Career problems: Astrology helps to be aware of the talents and capabilities of a student. It also gives proper guidance to the students in making the right choice of the subjects at the right time. If you are struggling or facing trouble with the right career path, visit an astrologer immediately. Thus an astrologer will help you to find the cause of the problem and provide a solution that will resolve all your issues quickly. It also helps to select the professional courses based upon their talent and strong planetary movements which can be analyzed from their birth charts. You get this analysis properly which was done by Dr. Anjan Shastri.

Relationship problems: Astrology helps with relationship issues by analyzing your horoscopes. It helps to understand your emotions and compatibility levels between your partners. Astrology makes an effective way to manage them and lead a happy life.

Marriage problems: Our horoscopes affect the connections between two individuals before marriage. Thus many people in India consult an astrologer before they finalize the marriage of the couple. Hence astrology can help you to check the marriage life compatibility of a couple and whether they will be happy in the future or not. Dr. Anjan Shastri can solve the problems by marriage match-making and make his predictions to solve the problem.

Health problems: The positions of the planets, and their transition can help you to know the strong and weak elements of the body. The health problems that you are facing can be solved by some astrological precautions and actions to avoid the problems and manage them in the best possible way.

Vastu shastra: Sometimes bad impacts occur in career, financial problems, and health due to Vastu of a house. Here also astrology is important in a similar way. With some astrological remedies, you can prevent Vastu problems in your house.

Thus with the help of an astrologer or astrology one can enjoy life at its fullest extent. One can also able to make many informed decisions regarding their several life activities and opportunities.


Characteristics and Personality of Kanya Rashi

In the Hindu Zodiac, the 6th sign is KANYA(VIRGO). They are open to helping others. This sign is made up of the last three Charnas of Uttara Phalguni, hasta, and the first two Charnas of Chitra nakshatras.


They have a pale skin complexion, a high forehead, beautiful eyes, and a sensitive mouth. They are mostly Extroverts but still can make friends very easily.


They have a special ability to sense the prejudiced motives of people, they are observant, patient, sensible, studious, soft-spoken, and logical. They do not reveal their secrets. Travel is their favorite passion. They seldom lose their temper. Lottery, speculation is their taste.


Kanya individuals make an excellent Lover. They are loyal to their partners and Love to live on the wild side once in a while. They are very protective of their mate, family, and loved ones.


They are very health conscious seldom fall sick. They are victims of Stomach and Allergy of skin ailments.


Kanya rashi people are hard – working. They should choose professions that have growth. A profession in Maths, Physics, Finance, Engineering, Medical, Investment and Stock Market is a good career choice.


Kanya Rashi people believe in friends too much which ultimately leaves them in trouble. They thought that everybody views as same as their view. They are the perfectionist.


Characteristics and Personality of Singha Rashi

In the Hindu Zodiac, the fifth sign is Singha (LEO). Singha Rashi includes complete Magha, Poorva Phalguni, and the first Charan of Uttara Phalguna. They are a born leader with the power of attraction.


The most important feature about Singha Rashi Rashi people are they are self-conscience. They desired to dominate others and have egoistic nature. They are very powerful with broad chests.


They help others at their maximum. They usually spend more but dislike taking debts, but can balance finally.

Simha Rashi people are born leaders and like to be associated with people of great social standing.

They are very adventurous.


Like a Lover, Leos are an extremely passionate person. They have small families.

Singha Rashi is very loyal as a friend. They make their ideal companions.


These Rashi people face many problems with their health. The combined impact of Jupiter and Saturn creates various problems for individuals. They have problems like diabetes and rheumatism.


The Singha always works as a manager of a firm, leader of society/groupings, leader of employees’ union, and any type of job that controls large workforces. They can have their career at government jobs and medicinal jobs.


Should take other’s views, ideas, and suggestions before deciding on any issue.

Singha Rashi’s people are ambitious, autocratic, independent, strong-willed, suspicious, violent, ill-tempered, and jealous. They are strong and rough towards their subordinates, which should be avoided.


Characteristics and Personality of Tula Rashi

In the Hindu Zodiac Sign, the 7th is Tula Rashi ( Libra) which represents balance. As the symbol represents the Tula born has two sides to his personality.


Tula Rashi’s people have long-neck, sensitive, V-shaped chins, chubby cheeks, and dimples. They are cool and calm, and they have lots of charm and compassion.


They are sensitive, curious, charming, and easily mixing with people around are their qualities. As they are very balanced, therefore are much sought after for practical solutions. They are very helpful to others but sometimes they are extremely insensitive to the pains of others.


They give importance to find the correct partner, they accept in exchange for responsibilities from the partner. They try their best to keep their partner satisfied through conversation and lovemaking.


Tula Rashi’s people rarely have health issues, as they do regular exercising. They easily get frustrated which causes health problems. To guard their health should have a balanced diet and drink lots of water.


All kinds of work that increase intellect appeal will definitely love to choose that kind of career. These Rashi people are well suited as judges, public relations consultants, diplomats, psychologists, and artists.


As the symbol of Tula Rashi shows the balance scale, these Rashi people usually struggle to make decisions as they are prone to change at the last minute. As these Rashi people like to make friends, to keep everyone happy it will be difficult for them to say no, as a result, they end up stressing themselves.

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