Predictions For Health: In many Indian scriptures, it is written that our karma and actions are the results of many things in our life.

Even, what we dream about health or disease also comes true. The diseases when come,

Makes us suffer, unhappy and sad because of our Karma.

To give good and ominous results based on our Karma, planets have the power.

 To check and forecast the life and soundness of a body a medical

horoscope is a key.  We explain in an astrological way, how to predict the horoscope for health in native which is called medical astrology. Anjan Shastri is a famous and best astrologer for the prediction of the health of a people.

In health astrology prediction, an astrologer has to determine three golden rules. For fitness of a body part we have to look for some things which are:

•              First of all we have to know,  the lord planet and the house related to the body part in the chart, and the planet’s position and influence upon the owner of the related house or Bhava.

•              Secondly, it is to be examined the ascendant, the Moon, 6th and 8th horoscope house, and the lord’s power.

•              Third, when a planet transits its timing is very important. Illness occurs when a planet transits related to the body part.

Planets And Health Problems

Sun: Sun is responsible for the heart, blood circulation, spinal cord, the left eye in females, and the right eye in males.

Moon: The moon can cause cold, pneumonia, kidneys, stomach, uterus, and breast-related diseases.

Mercury: Mercury is responsible for the problems to the digestive system, nerves, lungs but also speech-related problems.

Venus: Venus can cause diseases in the throat, cheeks, neck, and skin and also as its impact in the reproductive organs causing venereal diseases.

Mars: Mars can cause male reproductive organ problems, injuries, cuts, burns, fevers, and other forehead problems, but also muscle problems.

Jupiter: Jupiter can cause diseases in the liver, the blood vessels, the right ear, thighs, anus. It also causes diabetes, obesity, and skin-related conditions.

Saturn: Saturn has an impact on teeth, bones, joints, knees, lungs and can cause rheumatism, asthma, chronic diseases, and weakness in the body.

All these can be solved by astrological predictions. Anjan Shastri gives remedies and better predictions for health.

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