Matchmaking for marriage is a ritual from past ages in INDIA. It is the process of matching two souls together for the purpose of marriage. It was said that when marriage joins two souls, it is to be noted that the heavenly bodies accompanied each other, resulting in peace, happiness, and harmony in married life.

In India where arranged marriages are common, many people want to secure their marriage life by matchmaking the birth charts of bride and groom before marriage if any remedial measures are needed to be taken.

Importance of Horoscope Matching for marriage

The Main importance of Matchmaking is the Selection of a Right Life Partner. At the time of our birth, the position of planets in the sky indicates many things, including our Marriage. So match Matching, prepared from our birth, will give us an idea about how our Married Life will be and the most suitable time for Marriage. Matching of charts needs a lot of hard work and can only be possible if you have many years of practical experience in Astrology. Anjan Shastri is the best astrologer who gives you proper remedial measures for marriage matchmaking.

•              The major reason for Matchmaking before marriage is the compatibility of the bride and groom. If two persons are not compatible with each other, it becomes very tough for them to Stay together for a long period of time.

•              It also predicts financial stability and job prospects. Hence the Luck and fortune of Boy as well as Girl Should be properly detected.

•              The Married Life will be completed with a child. By Horoscope matching it determines if the Boy or Girl has the Yoga for child or not. Since a family is said to be completed only after the birth of a child, so the parents are very particular to stable this happiness for their children after marriage.

•              Sometimes the Time is not Favorable but the horoscopes and everything match perfectly. Hence the result of any task executed in an Unfavourable time is said to be unfavorable.

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